Reflexology FAQ's

What will I need to wear for a foot reflexology treatment?

It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing, which is loose around the ankle. Bare feet are required so socks might be more suitable than tights.


How many sessions will I need?

Reflexology is a very individual therapy and the number of sessions can depend upon the individual, their needs and their reason for treatment.  

Reflexology works as a cumulative process and therefore the more you have the better the outcome.  I would recommend for those coming for a specific health issue to have their treatments close to together and regularly.  Other clients may wish to come periodically to assist with stress relief and general wellbeing.  Many people have a monthly reflexology session for general health maintenance. I can put together a tailored treatment plan following your first session.


How will I feel following the treatment?

Most people will feel a sense of relaxation and wellbeing, some may feel energised and rebalanced. On rare occasions reflexology can produce more extreme reactions such as a worsening of existing symptoms. These are perfectly normal and a positive sign that the body has started to rebalance and release toxins.  These reactions are only temporary and they should disappear within 24 hours. They are usually followed by an improvement in any existing ailments you may have.


Will the treatment be painful?

The treatment should be calming and relaxing and not hurt.  If you feel discomfort this may suggest an imbalance within the body.  

How can I make the most of my reflexology treatment?

To maximise the potential benefits from the treatment, in the 12 hours following treatment you should:

  • Drink plenty of water – helps to hydrate the body, flush out toxins

  • Try not to drink caffeine or alcohol to prevent dehydration and the introduction of more toxins

  • Rest if you can following the treatment as this will allow the body to heal

  • If possible try not to do energetic exercise for at least six hours

  • Eat a light meal.