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My Reflexology Practice

Reflexology is a relaxing form of massage of parts of your body with a high number of sensory nerve endings (feet, face and hands). 

A treatment enables you to focus inwardly, much like yoga, mediation and hypnotherapy but all you have to do is lay back and enjoy the massage, maybe even falling asleep. This relaxed state is an incredibly good place for your brain to be and your body and mind are able to relax and reset. 


What Can Reflexology Treat?

Headaches & migraines, digestive disorders, sleep issues, anxiety, improving fertility, inflammatory conditions, muscle aches & joint pain. 

Most diseases are influenced by stress and reflexology can help to address this.

FOOT Reflexology is a relaxing treatment where reflex points on the feet are stimulated and massaged. Reflex points are linked to various parts of the body, the sensations allow your body to relax, which promotes healing.

Treatments can be tailored to suit you, either for general health maintenance or to address specific health conditions. (£35 for 1 hour)

FACIAL reflexology is deeply relaxing and works on the same reflex point principle as foot reflexology. A facial oil is applied to your face and specific points stimulated. The result is an intensely calming treatment, which will give your face an uplifting glow. (£35 for 1 hour)

FACIAL and FOOT Reflexology

A luxurious one and a half hour treatment. You are deeply relaxed with facial reflexology before a full foot reflexology treatment. Sessions last 1.5 hours (£50)

PREGNANCY Reflexology can be very useful in preparing your body for conception and pregnancy. Our hormonal systems work much better when we are relaxed. Reflexology maybe of use in balancing hormones and reducing stress to aid conception. During the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy reflexology may help support your ever changing body and prepare you for labour. (£35 for 1 hour)